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"Catch your fish from the ocean not the freezer, and have it prepared by an expert chef not a microwave.

Fresh Vs Frozen
Unlike other job sites who offer you thousands of resumes from their giant freezer,  JOBSNOW provides recruitment agencies fresh and active job seekers who are looking for jobs as we speak!

Chef Vs Microwave
At JOBSNOW, we are well known to embrace the human race! As such, we believe that human intervention is critical to the process of choosing the right candidates for your organisation. We are against the "online" recruitment process that seems to many like a very cheap recruitment option. Unfortunately many employers have come to realize that such an option is not after all as cheap as it seems. At JOBSNOW, we do not want you to learn the hard way.  We invite you to let the experts of hiring fulfill your recruitment needs in a safe and trusted manner that gives you peace of mind.  

Wholehearted VS available

There is a very good reason why we do not provide you access to a large CV database. We believe that such practice does not differentiate between the keen and active job seekers who could wholeheartedly be interested in your job as opposed to others who have registered their CVs to make themselves “available” for good opportunities.



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For information about labour law including instructions for national and foreign labourers, visit the Ministry of Labour website MOL.GOV.AE

Corporate values

Fresh applicants with up to date resumes looking for a good hunt as we speak

Our job seekers are specifically interested in your job, benefits & terms

All our job applications are reviewed by the experts of hiring, your local recruitment agencies.