Why use a recruitment agency?

why use an agency

Why use a recruitment agency when we can post our jobs online and find all the candidates we need?

CEO’s and GM’s are starting to ask their hiring mangers.  At such a challenging time for our economy where an increasing number of job seekers are flooding the job market, similar questions have as a result started to surface.

The reasons below clearly and logically explain why high quality, third party recruitment agencies indeed provide the most effective solution for organisations seeking to hire top talents.

Find the best candidates
Online job sites will flood your organisations with candidates regardless of their quality and suitability for the job. Recruitment agencies on the other hand use many tools and techniques to access and pursue top candidates.

Almost all clients attempting their own direct recruitment have higher daily priorities than hiring. Recruitment consultants have no higher priorities than responding quickly to a client request for quality permanent and/or temporary staff.

Skills assessment
All high quality recruiters have some form of testing that assesses one, or a combination, of a candidate's skills, competencies and motivations. Traditional job sites do not offer such value. Any independent, valid and proven assessment tool is going to improve the chances of an effective hiring decision being made.

Block the flood
Traditional job sites flood your desk with thousands of CVs that belong to candidates who could be living in a different country, have changed their career path, or are not particularly interested in your vacancy. Recruitment agencies however provide you with a shortlist of handpicked candidates.

Assessing and managing candidates for executive positions involves a slightly different set of skills to those required for regular candidates. Most organisations have very little competence in effective executive recruitment because they do not go through such process often.

 A client advocate
When an organisation is recruiting directly, they have no independent advocate going in to battle for them with high quality candidates who almost always have other choices. A high quality recruitment agency knows how to most effectively present job opportunities and organisations to their candidates.

Market expertise
Recruitment agencies know their market niche so intimately that they can provide excellent advice to their clients about candidate availability, sourcing methods, salaries & benefits, hiring timeframes and key ‘push & pull' factors for quality candidates. It is highly unlikely that a client will have anything close to the same level of expertise about the relevant candidate market.

Recruitment agencies understand what it takes to find, hire, and keep top talent. Investing in the services of a recruitment agency continues to be the choice of many successful organisations around the world.




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