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Why use a recruitment agency?

Why AgencyChoosing the right candidate for your organization requires the expertise and skills of qualified and experienced professionals who are in the business of hiring. Investing in the services of a recruitment agency has well proven to save time and money. Read more

Why use JOBSNOW?

Why AgencyJOBSNOW offers employers what other traditional job sites don't; fresh inspired applicants from the depth of the blue job market ocean seasoned with motivation and enthusiasm, quality assured by the experts of hiring, your local recruitment agencies. Read more

How much discount will I receive?

As a minimum, every registered recruitment agency on JOBSNOW offers 10% off the total cost of the first placement. You can learn more about the services and discounts offered by each agency by visiting their Premium Profile page on JOBSNOW or contacting them directly.

Who is eligible for a discount?

All private and government employers are eligible for discounts starting from 10% on their first placement if they fulfill both conditions below:

1- Employers must mention this offer on their first contact with the recruitment agency.
2- The employer has not previously contacted or used the services of the recruitment agency.


* Discounts over 10% are solely the decision of participating recruitment agencies. As such, JOBSNOW does not guarantee employers a specific discount percentage above 10%.

For information about labour law including instructions for national and foreign labourers, visit the Ministry of Labour website MOL.GOV.AE

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